Born in 1954 Empoli, Tuscany Italy. Lives and works in Florence, Italy.

Giannoni initiated his artistic experience in the fields of painting, printmaking and watercolor very early and he has always worked mainly in the media of oil painting exploring all of its’ aspects, landing into a type of figurative painting defined by a particular technique: consisting in a very thick, impastoed and almost abstract quality laid upon unprimed linen canvases that on first up close impression becomes almost impossible to read a defined image but as the observer distances from the artwork, the image becomes clear and defined.

His artworks represent two different and contrasting spaces: Interiors of bookshops and libraries, centers of historic culture where the passage of time is at a still, and, on the other hand, stock exchange images, where things move at a very fast pace. In both, time is an essential symbolic element.

Giannoni’s artworks are present in the top international Art fairs: Bologna, Milan, Verona, Miami-NY Scope, Zurich, Cologne, Paris-Art Paris.