Giulia Maglionico was born in Florence on 23th of June 1977. In 1978, along with her parents, she moved to Reggio Emilia. In 2003 she graduated in literature from the University of Parma. In 2008, after several art researches, through her passion for drawing, she became a painter. She is also a graphic designer and illustrator. Her artworks are ironic, provocative and amusing. Painting, cartoon, illustration, graffiti and urban culture…she expresses herself thru Pop Art and Expressionism. Strong contours, flat and intense colors which embody volumes, expression and perspective: it is a special technique, very personal, unique and recognizable. She works with canvas, wood and paper, but also plastic and resin; acrylics, pencils and enamels are her expressive tools. It is a fun painting, not to easy to decode, full of merciless close-ups, bright fishes and a colorful seabed. It is a gallery of characters who depict problems of a post modern world. Subjects and art-techniques which she choose are an original rereading of twentieth-century art. It marks her creative research, which progresses are interesting to follow.