Fausto Bertasa

Fausto Bertasa was born in 1953 in Bergamo, Italy. Since the ‘80s Fausto Bertasa has been one of the leads in the Italian and European art world, his work speaks about visual codes of our contemporary reality and explors the world of media, barcodes and painted words, international newspapers and the Internet, PC keyboards and mouse pads, and he does it with particular attention to new technologies and means of communication, verbal, digital and written ones.

Despite different types of art Fausto Bertasa is specialized in (neon lights, photography, sculpture, video, drawing), his artistic research has been always putting painting in the foreground, codified in 'cold painting’ art movement, it is akin to works of American Masters (such as Philip Taaffe and Peter Halley) and Austrian ones (such as Heimo Zobernigs, Franz Vana and Gerard Rockenschaub). His painting style is based on the pursuit of the possible aesthetics of a mechanical codification, on the reality mooted by new mediums of communication, so the artist tries to bring a new geometry to the surface, that of a post-industrial society and today’s post-truth world. The main of his new works is in fact the word, the letter, basic code of our communication, a fundamental tool of our everyday language, represented in the act of destruction, breaking, rotting, to make it unrecognizable, discomposing it in atoms and pixels to the point where it loses its original meaning, to turn it into something new, whilst the meaning of its message seems to be interpreted within a purely aesthetic truth.