Pao (Paolo Bordino) was born in 1977 in Milan, where he lives and works today. He was a stagehand, sound engineer and stage technician in the theater of Franca Rame and Dario Fo. He was studying and working in workshops of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. In 2000 he performed for the very first time as a street artist. This is how colorful penguins on cement bollards were born, and other works, such as: cans of Pao Cola and Campbell's soup painted on the walls of public bathrooms, smiled billboard balls, dolphins and sharks, pelicans, daisies , etc. In 2005 he established “Studio Paopao”, as a natural consequence of his artistic activity and very soon he begun to collaborate with numerous companies, such as Motta, Gatorade, Galatine, Seven, Harley Davidson, Accenture. After meeting the graphic designer Laura Pasquazzo, “Studio Paopao” begun to offer various services: graphic design, web design, exhibition design, merchandise, production and promotion. In 2007, after the exhibition "Street Art Sweet Art" placed in PAC - Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Mila, Pao begun working with canvas and fiberglass three-dimensional supports. He is developing new art-paths through experiments with materials, forward-looking studies, visual distortions and curved geometries. Pao tries to overcome the two-dimensionality of the canvas, and in the same time, the three-dimensionality of our world. The growing public attention to his work, which distinctive characteristics remain the same, let him to exhibit his artworks in public spaces, museums and private galleries in Italy and abroad. He exhibited his works in various art exhibition spots, including the Contemporary Art Pavilion in Milan, The Milan Triennial, the Venice Biennale.